Ordinary Love​/​Float Away Remixes

by Iman Williams

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    "Ordinary Love" & "Float Away" were two of the most popular songs from the album Stupid Human Trick by Iman Williams and with the help of Applejac and BusCrates, there are two new versions of it. Enjoy!

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released May 3, 2011

Float Away Remix produced by: AppleJac
Song Written by: I. Williams, P. Smith

Ordinary Love Remix by: BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble
Song Written by: I. Williams

both songs are from the debut album Stupid Human Trick



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Futuristic Soul Society Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Ordinary Love (BusCrates Midnight Version)
When we go back and forth with love
It's hard to forget it
that's why I'm stuck on you and your
Ability to keep my mind focused on what I truly
appreciate and love

If you could just hear me out
when I say
You're the best thing in life
to come my way
You give the greatest love to the point
I can't ignore
It feels so good
that my hearts about to explode
cause you're no ordinary love

Ordinary (Love) Ordinary (Love) Ordinary

Sometimes I never know if
this will last
but when I get back
to when we first met
it lets me know that we're official
there's nothing more I want
in this little
puny world

Track Name: Float Away feat. Porsche Smith (Applejac Root Beer & Ice Cream Remix)
Spent so/ Much time/ Waiting on you
now I'm your's/ you're mine
It's a dream come true
Let's keep the/ dream a
This love is/ hard to come by
baby please don't float away

Please Don't Float Away from me
My life has changed since you've been near
this could last for eternity
Don't float away from me

Feel so/ Good when/You're hear with me
The ambiance/ of your voice
In my ear
You know/ I can't resist
Your silhouette
this dream is/ so good
please don't leave me yet


I am in this for/ for a lifetime/baby let's be more
than a cloud that quickly floats away
Now that we have come/ let's continue on
Steady/ day by day
So our love will remain